Layover in Toronto

Layover time—I'm hanging out for three hours in Pearson airport in Toronto. This is definitly one of the nicer airports I have ever been to. It is very clean and streamlined. The signage is gorgeous—a perfect mix of modernism and futurism. Lots of brushed metal and straight lines about (a boot?).

My flight over was as equal parts painless and beautiful. Window seats are always welcome, I have yet to take that view for granted. 

I have a feeling when I look back in hindsight in 10 days, my stop over in Pearson will feel like a short lived experience in purgatory before a super nova burst of surrealism and awe washes over my entire being—much like one's first foray into psychedelics. This is just a feeling, mind you. It could all suck. Who is to say?

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