Well, the 13 hour flight was not as bad as I envisioned it—so that's good. Parts of it sucked, but I think I was a good sport about it. I was bored as hell toward the last leg and I only had one album synced offline on my phone via Spotify to listen to, though it was a great one—Elliott Smith's XO—the lack of wifi was a bummer and left me with little choice on what to listen to. 

I landed and was awake, alert, and absorbing everything my eyes could take in. I took the Narita express for 1500 yen to Shibuya and met up with Andrew—the main reason why I am even here—and his lovely girlfriend, Chinatsu. We immediately went for drinks and food at an incredible little place that only sat about 15 people. Some more friends of their's joined and we ate and drank some more.  We headed to Shimokitazawa and had some Okinawan food and more drinks. Said goodbye to Chinatsu and made one last stop at Andrew's favorite little place in his home of Ōguchi. 

Over tired to the gills, I got some sleep.